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Kvaerner work experience

click the Kvaerner logo for my experience building the Philadelphia Shipyard
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my Robert E. Lamb experience

        click the Lamb logo for my experience building 
          for Robert E. Lamb, inc. in the Philadelphia area
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my experience for Shames

click the Shames logo for my experience building for this San Francisco Bay area General Contractor
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my experience working for W.E. O'Neil

click the O'Neil logo for my experience working for the Los Angeles office of this General Contractor from Chicago
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my Yonkers work experience

             learn about my experience building for Triangle 
             area drug companies as CM for Yonkers:  
             click on the logo at left
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my Keystone Resources experience
              see what I did when I incorporated as 
              Keystone Resources Corporation:  
              click the Keystone logo at left
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home page
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principles of CM
click the OSHA logo to learn about fundamental 
CM principles
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my hobbies and interests