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Theory & Principles of Economics
stated, here's how NATURAL ECONOMIC LAW works:
When the nation's production of raw
materials from its farms, ranches, timberlands, oceans, mines, wells, and
recycling centers first enters into trade channels at prices in balance with the
costs of labor and capital, then the U.S. economy will operate at virtually full
employment, debt expansion will cease and public and private debt will shrink,
interest rates will decline and stay low, inflation will be nil, and there will
be sufficient taxes collected to balance governmental budgets
at all
Why does the U.S. economy respond
so positively to "parity" raw material prices? Simply stated, it's because the
"Trade Turn" for every raw material dollar of income is maximized. The Annual
Economic Cycle of production, processing, distribution, and consumption of the
nation's goods and services operates at full efficiency
on an earned-income
In recent decades, it's become
unfashionable to educate the American public about the Annual Economic Cycle of
Production, Processing, Distribution, and Consumption. In fact, dictionaries and
encyclopedias no longer define economics in terms of the Annual Economic Cycle.
This is unfortunate because it is misleading. Citizens erroneously begin to
believe that wealth is always counted in terms of money when, in truth, they
should understand that all "new wealth" originates in the natural world and that
all of Man's subsequent activities simply "add value" to the Earth's
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