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Single Line Diagram below is the original Chicago Bridge and Iron 
design for the Piedmont Natural Gas LNG plant I helped PNG 
upgrade as their CM
Project Management in any industriy has many fundamental elements which never change across specific application or circumstance.  Cost, schedule, risk, quality, managing expectations, reporting, team communications:  these things are common to any Project Manager's role.

Estimating starts the process of making the project successful;  my experience includes estimates for Order of Magnitude, Conceptual Estimates, Lump Sum Bid estimates, Change Order Estimates,  and Value Engineering Estimates, using custom software packages, pencil and paper, references like Means, NECA, MCAA, Flour, Richardson Rapid, and MS Excel.  Estimates are only as good as the information they are based on.

estimating is a crucial and 
very detail oriented step

every flange can be 
hundreds of types
of metal or alloy,
forged or cast, built
to an infinite number
of possible specifications

installations tend to utilize composite crews: 
 a fixed group of tradesmen working together
 on a specific task.  If changes happen, it is useful 
to price them as composite crew changes
a Gantt Chart communicates start and stop dates for activities, and also triggers and dependencies

Philadelphia Shipyard ENR article showing the Fabrication Ship and project milestones.

Milestones are points along the project Critical Path that usually allow for subsequent work to begin, or sometimes are simply high profile accomplishments visible to outsiders

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