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On the Kvaerner Philadelphia Shipyard project, I was responsible for the $16M 
electrical package on the $500M renovation.  We transformed the Navy Yard 
drydocks #4 & #5 area into an ocean vessel manufacturing facility, with the Panel 
and Fabrication shop buildings at picture top center behind the goliath crane, the 
Grand Block shop top right, and barely in the picture at right is the paint shop.  
The white building between the drydocks is the Administration Building, a Navy 
building housing the main 13.2kV 4000A refurbished Westinghouse switchgear
and 2300V air compressor.
NE towards the Delaware River
The electrical construction package included concrete encased ductbanks, 
low smoke, halogen-free 15kV cable, and the fire alarm, voice/data, and 
security systems installations as well.  The 200 foot tall, 7,000 ton capacity 
Goliath Crane spanning drydock #4 was powered with a 13.2kV drive with a 
cable trough and coiling draw-up system to accomodate crane movement and
a personnel elevator in the north east crane leg.  The goliath crane was 
manufactured in Portugal by Mague, owned by ABB.  It was shipped across 
the Atlantic in pieces and rigged into position by two cranes lifting the gantry
simultaneously over an 8 hour time period.  The entire crane runs  on rails 
and is used to lower ship  "blocks" into the drydock skidding system where they
are welded together and the ship is completed.

welding is such a huge part of shipbuilding that the 
building slab was built with a grounding steel grid 
(pictured at right).

the Fabrication and Panel Shops (pictured below)
are adjoined into a 200,00 sf hi-bay structure with 
gantry cranes, plasma cutters and other exotic 
installations sourced mainly from Finland, Germany 
and Sweden.
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