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IBM NetCool SNMP trap monitoring
PTAP service delivery monitor access
PTAP performance statistics
netstats traffic history (Amazon this example)
HPNA device configuration changes
PTAP metrics for this service location
HPNA configuration diagnostic this device
HPNA diagnostic report setup
SPLUNK query setup
SPLUNK advanced report options
PTAP customer monitoring locations & report options
SPLUNK application trap summary & options
SPLUNK event log aggregator
SNMP server data collector troubleshooting steps
IBM NetCool SIA error SNMP trap troubleshooting
data collector validator code and tool
In my support role at CenturyLink we use a ticketing system called Vantive as our database repository for customer data like service location installed components, case history, carrier service delivery information, troubleshooting notes and lots of other information.  Vantive was Savvis' ticketing database;  we are migrating to Remedy since CenturyLink's 2011 acquisition of Savvis
in addition to custom graphical interface applications for monitoring and troubleshooting at CenturyLink we also utilize ssh remote connections to installed infrastructure device command lines.  The devices are primarily large Alcatel and Juniper core routers and switches and Cisco and Juniper data center, CoLocation and customer premise routers and switches

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