The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission ensures design and other standards are met for the Liquified Natural Gas industry.

For Piedmont Natural Gas I ensured budget, design, code, safety, schedule and risk were acceptable in the Peak Shaving LNG facility in Nashville, TN while PNG was in litigation with a contractor who did not maintain compliance in the course of their construction effort at the start of the upgrades.

Over approvimately 10 months we performed about $15 million of vaporization, liquefaction, purification and compressor upgrades with CHI Engineers as designer of record.
For Yonkers Industries as Construction Manager I supervised the work in the field, with the heavy emphasis on documentation required in constructing cGMP manufacturing facilities.  I ensured design and code compliance, safety, schedule, and quality, with responsibility for cost and document control, A/P invoice approval, progress reporting, lookahead schedule creation and maintenance, submittals, RFI's , and coordination meetings chair.

I helped Biogen-Idec in RTP to overhaul their maintenance and cleaning protocols for Inoculation, Cell Culture, Media Prep, Harvest & Purification, as well as for specific utility systems like WFI, USP, CIP, SIP, clean steam and many others in my role as Agency CM for Keystone Resources

I own many ASTM, ASME, ACI, IBC, and NFPA codes and standards documents and have ensured design and code compliance with these as well as Factory Mutual, UL and client standards for Merck, GSK, Novo-Nordisk, Hospira, BD, Talecris, Bayer, Wyeth and others